Bonita Femur - announced figure . She is the daughter Mothra . Debut in the film Freaky fusion


The personality of the girl is not currently known

classic potwórEdytuj

Mothra - Japanese movie monster Toho . Mothra is a big moth , and in each of the films occurs as a protector of Earth and humans. Mothra first appeared in the movie " Mothra " of 1961 and is the only film in which she is a bit aggressive , because people have stolen kosmoski .The final performance is Mothra movie " Godzilla : Final Wars " in 2004 , where he takes the side of Godzilla (like the good old days ) and the sacrificial battle destroys Modified Gigan . In battle , it seems that Mothra was killed only against the background of the end credits , we see a scene in which Mothra returns to his island .==Relacje==


Bonita is the daughter of Mothra .===friends=== Currently it is not known who is friends Bonita .loveRelationships love a girl as yet not known. ===animal=== It is not known whether Bonita has a pet. 

Meta timelineEdytuj

November 20, 2013 : Applications Mattel marks a reservation for Femur Bonita .December 27, 2013 : First pictures of dolls Bonita leaked to the Internet.

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